COVID-19 Update

Posted On March 26, 2020 Posted By Andy Buerckner

I’m writing to provide Platinum clients across all departments with clear and transparent advice on the shape and standing of our business at this time.

Yesterday, Platinum Directors made the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily stand down the majority of operational staff effective Monday, March 30. With the help and support of our incredible team, we have carefully shared and scheduled remaining work hours and resources to ensure Platinum is able to remain open and operational for regular business hours.

We will continue to answer phones, manage inboxes and provide after-hours support; albeit with significantly reduced staff numbers. Please note that enquiries will be addressed in order of urgency and/or departure date.

What does this mean for Platinum clients?

We want to be clear that while formal business hours will not be affected, we do expect there to be a significant delay in response times due to the volume of cancellations and changes to be actioned; all of which will be handled by a heavily reduced workforce.

Is Platinum in danger of closing altogether?

Platinum is a privately-owned, debt-free family business with the unique ability to dramatically reduce costs at short notice. While we deeply appreciate the short-term impact this will have on our staff and clients, it does put us in the strongest position to reinstate staff and resume operations as soon as demand allows.

We will not shy away from admitting this has been the most challenging time our business has faced. While Platinum will be sheltered somewhat by the conservative and responsible business foundations we have in place, we are not immune to the emotional toll this has taken on our team. We have had to let go of people we care for like family, and ask a huge amount of the staff that remain. The understanding and care they have shown our clients and each other these past weeks is beyond anything we could have asked for or expected. All we ask is that you extend the same care, compassion and patience to them in the months ahead. They will be challenging, but they will also - eventually - come to an end.

From Sarah, Carl, me and the whole Platinum family: stay safe, stay home and look after yourselves.

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