Qantas increases carry-on allowance

Effective immediately, Qantas passengers travelling on domestic flights will be able to board with carry-on bags weighing up to 10kg.

It’s a welcome backflip following the airline’s crackdown on carry-on baggage earlier this year, which attracted an influx of criticism and complaints.

Passengers can now travel with a small personal item (eg. handbag/laptop), plus two carry-on bags: one weighing up to 10kg; the other up to 4kg. So, while the total weight allowance hasn’t changed (previously two bags at a maximum 7kg each), the changes will give travellers more flexibility in terms of how they use their baggage allowance.

The physical size limits on bags remain unchanged, and passengers can expect to have their carry-on bags weighed at various points along their journey – including check-in desk and boarding – to ensure they comply with Qantas’s weight limits.

AirHelp Review: Compensation for delayed European Flights

In last month’s newsletter, we announced a partnership with AirHelp: a claim compensation service for EU flight delays, cancellations and missed connections.

Well, this month we put AirHelp to the test! Our Marketing Manager, Laura, had a stressful set of flight delays and cancellations on the way to a wedding in Ireland last year, so we asked her to step through the same process our customers would with AirHelp to see how the service worked for her. Here’s her review:

“To be honest I was surprised that we were eligible to submit a claim for a cancellation that took place nearly a year ago, but was more than happy to try it after 6 months of back and forth with the airline got us absolutely nowhere! Luckily, we already had a lot of the documentation we needed from submitting our travel insurance claim at the time; although the tickets and details were easy enough to search in my inbox anyhow.

We submitted our claim (a 5-minute job) on February 26; replied to AirHelp with one additional document (they just needed a signature); and had nearly $1,000 compensation sitting in our bank account by March 13. All up the process from submission to payment was two weeks; one of which was due to our dragging our feet getting that signature back to them!

It’s worth adding that the flights we were compensated for were part of around-the-world tickets, so the value of the compensation seemed significant considering the original cost of the tickets themselves. It was also very warmly received given the airline also managed to lose one of our bags (with all our wedding attire in it!) along the way. A nice little win after a frustrating battle fought on our own. I thought AirHelp’s commission was perfectly reasonable considering how efficiently they were able to secure the compensation for us, and have told everyone I know to try it next time they’re delayed in Europe!”

Anyone can use the AirHelp service, but Platinum clients can expect personalised prompts and follow-ups from their advisor to ensure they have the information they need to fast-track their claim.

Brazil announces visa-free entry for Australians

From June 17, 2019, Australian passport holders will no longer require a visa to travel to Brazil for tourism, business, sports/arts participation or transit purposes.

The new rules also apply to Japanese, U.S. and Canadian passport holders, and permit a stay of up to 90 days (extendable up to 180 days) in a 12-month period.

Platinum has been advised that the current Brazillian eVisa (approx. USD$40) will still be required up to and including entry to Brazil on June 16, 2019. Travellers can apply here.

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