Meet Ili, the wearable device that can insantly translate your voice into another language.

Posted On August 1, 2017 Posted By Andy Buerckner


Image: Ili

Have you ever wanted to translate phrases in real time? Well, Japanese company Logbar have gone ahead to achieve just that.

Meet Ili, the wearable device that can instantly translate your voice into another language.

The device uses a directional microphone that picks up only your voice and a speaker that faces the person you want to hear translation. Ili can translate phrases as fast as 0.2 seconds. This means that it 'allows you to use the device as if you're directly communicating with the other person.'

Ili has an inbuilt hardrive consisting of thousands of commonly used travel phrases. This makes Ili perfect for travellers on the go. Initially developed as a translation app, creator Takuro Yoshida realised that many travellers didn't like using translation apps because they required Wi-Fi or an Internet connection. Due to its inbuilt library of phrases, Ili doesn't need an internet connection to work. As a result, ili can be used anywhere and everywhere.

The device only translates phrases one way as it aims to remove errors in translation that come with two way translators. Ili is perfect for travellers looking for yes or no responses to simple travel questions.

The purpose of Ili is to break down language barriers and make the traveller experience simpler and more convenient. ili currently only supports English to Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish as well as Japanese or Mandarin to English. The company plans on expanding the range of languages in the near future.

Finally, to learn more about Ili, watch the video below or visit their website

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