Nottingham Forest in Milan is one of the more unusual and quirky bars on the World’s Top 50 best bars list. This small hole in the wall on a quiet street in Milan is not all that it seems.

Posted On September 6, 2017 Posted By Andy Buerckner


Image: Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest, Milan is one of the more unusual and quirky bars on the World's Top 50 Best Bars list. This small hole-in-the-wall on a quiet street in Milan is not all that it seems.

Although its rustic decor is teeming with a choatic mix of souvenirs from around the world, don't let looks fool you, Nottingham Forest's pièce de résistance is in head barman Dario Comini's incredible cocktail creations.

Considered a pioneer in the world of Molecular Mixology, Nottingham Forest is a one-of-a-kind science experiment. It is here that you will stumble upon a laboratory of gadgets and contraptions used to create a unique array of cocktail concoctions.

Its mixologists regularly bring back recipes from their travels to create drinks that reflect flavours from across the globe. It is here that you'll taste flavours from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and more.

Nottingham Forest offers a large menu with a huge selection of cocktails from variations of classics as well as original creations that come with special instructions.

The cocktails at Nottingham Forest are truly a sight to behold. It is here that you will see solids turn into liquids, see cocktails that smoke and come in quirky containers (such as boxes or glasses within glasses) and experience an array of delicious flavours evoking all the senses.

Nottingham Forest's mixologists are part innovative scientists and part creative artists. It is at Nottingham Forest that you'll see chemistry and art intersect.

Nottingham Forest is perfect for those looking for somewhere that is impressive, imaginative as well as unconventional.

There are no reservations at this bar as it operates on a first come, first serve basis. There is no standing room and all patrons must be seated at a table. We'd recommend arriving early to avoid queues.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these creative scientists at work. Expect the unexpected when you visit and experience the wonders of their fantastic creations.

LOCATION: Viale Piave, 1, 20129 Milano MI, Italy


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