According to a Deloitte Survey, a massive 79% of Australians own a smartphone. We have a strong feeling that you are a member of that group. There is a high probability that you have not unlocked the potential and knowledge that can be found in the travel app category. Allow us to suggest some apps that we swear by and will make your travel a breeze.

Posted On August 29, 2016 Posted By Andy Buerckner


PACKPOINT This app creates a customised checklist of things to pack in your luggage based on a number of factors such as business or leisure travel, how long you're going to be away for, the season you are travelling and what type of activities you'll be taking part in at your destination.


An essential app for any traveller, Google Translate is the perfect tool for translating text in other countries. You can download language packs offline which is perfect when you cannot access Wi-Fi and don’t want to pay exorbitant fees for data. Its picture tool is quite handy as it allows you to take pictures of words and the app instantly translates the text making it perfect for: signage at airports, train stations, translating menus, finding the word for exit, bathroom or taxi and a whole host of other practical uses.


Your all-in-one journey planner, Citymapper is available in 30 cities around the world. Citymapper provides up to date information providing you alerts and disruptions for a range of different transport types. Input your start and end destination and it provides a list of options from walking to bike riding to take an Uber or train. It even provides you with a rough estimate of how much your journey will cost on the train, bus or taxi/uber.


The perfect app to find airport lounges in over 500 airports across the world. From Business to First class travellers to those who don’t have Frequent Flyer status, this app shows which lounges you can access for free or for a one-time fee depending on the factors your input such as Elite status, Lounge memberships or credit card benefits. What makes the app so great is that it provides photos of each lounge with ratings and reviews as well as listing the amenities offered at each lounge.


A simple and easy app to help you convert every currency in the world. Its offline functionality is great to save data as it saves the rates loaded when you were last online.


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