What JobKeeper really means to the travel industry

Posted On April 21, 2020 Posted By Platinum Travel

Well, it would be the understatement of the century to say a lot has changed in the travel industry in the last month.

Whilst I’m cognisant of the fact that Platinum is more fortunate than many Australian businesses at the moment – especially within the travel industry – it wasn’t until the JobKeeper legislation passed this week that we’ve felt able to breathe even a modest sigh of relief. Because while our business might be better positioned than most to ride out the months ahead, it’s the team and culture we’ve built over the past 10 years we couldn’t hope to replace. The JobKeeper program will not only provide some financial relief to our staff members; it will also give our business the best chance of retaining the exceptional talent we have within the Platinum fold.

For those of our staff working reduced or no hours just yet, it would be fair to say life looks a lot different than it did this time last month. In true Platinum style, though, we’ve been thrilled and touched to hear how different members of our team are making the most of a difficult situation. Our Events Manager, Dave, has been supporting his wife in the realisation of her long-term goal to start a luxury candle business. (Check out Amber and Mist’s insta feed here – you won’t regret it.) Our Marketing Manager, Laura, has returned to her acting roots and will be appearing as a computer geek in an upcoming internet provider ad. (“Not too much of a stretch there” were her words, not mine.) And many of the parents in our midst have been supervising critical fort building, bear hunting and, more recently, egg-eating work at home. As a company that’s always celebrated the individual skills and strengths of our team, it’s been a genuine pleasure to see them lean a little harder into the other parts of their lives that bring them joy.

For the Platinum team still working (or working sporadically), we’ve come to embrace the blurring of our personal and private spheres. Where once local traffic and construction work was our regular soundscape; now the sound of partners and children cooking or playing in the background ring out during meetings. And do you know what? We’re all the better for it. Perhaps they haven’t overlapped enough in the past.

So, I’m really just writing to let you know that behind glowing computer screens across the country, the Platinum team remains strong. Slowly but surely, more of our screens will turn on to join them – once a week to start with, then full time as demand allows – until there’s enough light for all of us to see a way out of the COVID darkness. We don’t expect the travel industry to look the same on the other side. We don’t even expect it to look similar. But we’ll look the same. Because the Platinum team was the one thing that never needed changing.

In the meantime, we’re going to take some inspiration from the rest of our team and tackle some projects we haven’t had the time or space to try in recent years. Look out for the release of our candid video series on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn in the weeks ahead; as we’re joined by travel industry heavyweights in nutting out the path ahead for travellers, airlines, cruise companies and travel providers the world over.

Because we might all be down, but we’re definitely not out.

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